Theresa Greenhough was raised in a Roman Catholic home in Mumbai, India.  Theresa excelled in track and field in her teenage years.  At one point she held the national record for the one-mile run and the high jump and was training for a spot on India's 1980 Olympic team.  Then one night a most dramatic thing happened.

Sitting in her parent's bedroom one evening, she cried out to God.  She then rushed into the kitchen and stayed there for four hours crying and praising and singing to the Lord.  "I felt so clean," she said.  "Then I offered my life to the Lord for service to Him."

Theresa joined the Loreto Convent in India in 1977 when she was nineteen.  Mother Teresa was a Loreto nun for 20 years before founding the Missionaries of Charity.  Gifted academically, Theresa became a teacher and then a principal of four Catholic English Medium Schools in India.  While teaching at the Loreto School in Asansol, West Bengal, she thought about joining Mother Teresa's order.  "Lord, I do not even mind if I get leprosy," she prayed.  "I just want to serve you.  Show me your will."

God used Mother Teresa to answer her prayer.  Stopping by Asansol unannounced in 1983 to visit a long-time friend, the Nobel Peace Prize winner unexpectedly came to Theresa's room.  Gently taking hold of her right hand, Mother Teresa said, "My child, the time has not yet come for you to leave the convent.  When the time comes, God Himself will reveal His plans to you.  For right now, stay where you are."  This personal message had a profound impact on Theresa's life.


Sister Theresa with Mother Teresa

In 1991, Theresa received a vision from God telling her to leave the convent and do a new work for Him.  The next year, after a time of seeking the Lord for His confirmation that she truly was to leave and no longer be a nun, she left, trusting that God would make a way in what He was calling her to do.  Soon after, while visiting England on her way to Canada, the message she had received from God to start a new work for Him was reconfirmed by someone she had never met.  He spoke to her the same words that she had received in the vision.


Theresa stayed in Canada to further her education.  After which she spent time in the United States of America.  The years spent in Canada and the United States were in preparation for her returning to India, her homeland and the country she loves.  Theresa has been headquartered in Bangalore, India, since October 1999.


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