Gateway Multipurpose Building


Gateway Multipurpose Building is presently under construction on a building site within walking distance of the Free School and Medical Clinic in Bangalore. The Building will house Gateway School, Gateway Boarding Home, and Gateway Medical Clinic.  This project is scheduled for completion May / June 2006.


Concrete crew pouring roof slab of the Multipurpose Building

Gateway Youth / Adult Education Facility


Gateway Youth / Adult Education Facility began construction February 2006 in Kyalesanahelli Village, about 30 minutes drive from where the Multipurpose Building is being constructed.  The Education Facility is located on 1/2 acre of land in the southeast corner of a four-acre subdivision.  It is scheduled for completion Nov / Dec 2006.  Gateway will be partnering with other indigenous organizations in the functioning of the Facility.


Engineers checking building-line layout of the Adult Education Facility


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