Gateway Medical Clinic & Medical Camps

Gateway Medical Clinic opened in April 2000.  The Medical Clinic treats an average of 240 patients monthly.  The Clinic is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  Services are freely provided.

Gateway Medical Camps are held once every three months in different places in and around Bangalore (mainly Medical Clinic area and slum areas).  An average of 160 patients are given free check-ups and free basic medicines at each Camp.


Gateway Free School


Playtime for Free School children



Arithmetic Instructor Brother Kamal with Grade 4 students


Gateway Free School began operation in November 2000.  English is the language of instruction.  Gateway Free School serves and educates children from poor families (see Muniraj’s testimony below). Presently, 91 children are enrolled (47 boys and 44 girls).  They are from ages 2 1/2 to 16 and are divided into 11 groups (pre-nursery to Grade Six).  Gateway provides the students with: tuition, education, stationery, meals, clothes, and medicines.


My name is Muniraj.   I am 10 years old.  I am the smallest boy in Grade 5 at Gateway School.   I live in Gateway Boarding.  My older sister, Ganga, works in houses as a maid.  My younger sister, Annamma, works as a helper in Gateway School.  My mother and father drink alcohol.  My father also gambles money.  My family is from Hindu background.  Annamma and I have come to know God personally. 

I want to become a preacher.  I want to spread the Word of God to all the people in the world, so that all may go to heaven.  I want to tell the people that Jesus is coming soon, so that all people may be ready for Him.  One day there was a lack of money in my family.  I prayed to God to help my family.  Then my friend came to our house and gave some money to help them.  I thank God for answering my prayer.

Gateway Boarding

Gateway Boarding Home provides needful children with the essentials for living, including room and board as well as schooling (see Shyam’s testimony).  Presently, 25 children are being cared for—15 boys and 10 girls, some orphans and some from single parent families.  The boarders are provided with extended help, such as supervision with their homework.  This provides for them the opportunity to keep up with their studies, more so than the day scholars.

Gateway Boarders and Staff standing outside Gateway School


Playtime for some of the Gateway Boarders

My name is Shyam Seenappa.  I am 10 years old.  I stay in Gateway Boarding.  I am in Grade 6 at Gateway School.  My mother's name is Kaveri.  My father's name is Seenappa.  They passed away about three years ago.  My older sister, Geetha, and my younger brother, Santosh, also stay in Gateway Boarding.  My family went to temples and worshiped idols.  We had idols in our house because we thought they would give us blessings.

Geetha and I never stayed at home.  We used to roam on the roads—drinking, smoking, robbing, seeing bad movies, and doing all bad works.  We had a gang of friends who were also street children.  One day, when Auntie Theresa saw us passing by, she brought us to her school.  Our parents gave permission for my sister and I to attend school and stay in the boarding.  I have studied at Gateway School from Kindergarten Class.

Gateway School is also a meeting place for prayer.  Geetha and I have received God personally into our lives.  While attending the prayer meetings, I was looking for a miracle.  On one occasion, there was a woman who came to a meeting.  There was a demon in her.  Auntie Theresa prayed over her and the demon left.  This was the first miracle I ever saw in my life.





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